Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q. How does Social Pannels work?
A. You will need to register yourself with an email address. Verify your account and you are set to go.

Q. How do I add my page for Likes/post comments/post like/shares?
A. Scroll through the options on the left bar. Click and you will be asked to add the page URL, the points that you would like to assign per like/comment/post like/share and submit.

Q. Can I set up a limit to likes/share/ comments per day?
A. Yes you can set up a limit to per day activity on your page.

Q. How do I like/share/comment other pages/posts?
A. Scroll through the options on left hand where it says Like posts/comment/share. Login with your Facebook Profiles and start earning points!

Q. How many points will I earn by liking pages/posts/comment?
A. This depends on the limit set up by the page owner. You can shuffle through pages and like the ones that offer the most.

Q. Are there any browser Requirements?
A. No, there are no browser requirements. However you will need to allow popups while using Social Pannels.

Q. What bonus points I can have?
A. You get 200 bonus points once you verify your account. Also if you are active and make 10 Comments/Likes/Shares a day, you will earn 50 bonus points a day.

Q. Are Pages/Posts uniquely added?
A. Yes Pages and Posts are Uniquely added. Meaning once a page is added, cannot be re added to the system.